Managing an enterprise is a balancing act

It pits responding to immediate challenges against setting and maintaining a transformation path toward long-term sustainability. Sustainability derives from business agility, which depends on your Enterprise architecture among other disciplines.

Many would have you believe that accelerated development and deployment approaches, like Agile and DevOps, enable you to achieve business agility by building solutions rapidly and relatively inexpensively and throwing them out and replacing them when they no longer align with business needs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We believe that Agile and DevOps, when employed naively, can kill business agility by producing architectures and solutions that cannot be transformed efficiently when they should be and, therefore, must undergo laborious and expensive retrofitting or be scrapped and replaced, often when it is least convenient to do so—the very definition of technical debt.

Agile/DevOps produces bad architecture and creates technical debt when a solution is built piecemeal without first achieving a comprehensive conceptual understanding of the requirements. "Emergent" architectures that result from such processes tend to be brittle and cannot evolve at the pace required to keep up with new technology or updated business models. For just one example, near-real-time business analytics are beginning to drive highly segmented customer interactions, determine dynamic product attributes and inform highly-personalized service features and functions. Is your architecture ready for that?

Our Value Proposition

What do you do when you don’t have the resources or expertise to get off the track you’re on? You call Archemy™. We are experts at innovating and architecting success and we are working with customers in all major industries. What this means to you is that you can chart your own course and stay on it for about what it would take to continue employing Agile and DevOps. Architecture for the price of chaos.

Our Services

We practice ArchDev™, an all-encompassing lifecycle methodology that complements Agile/DevOps. Our holistic service starts with agile Enterprise and Business Architecture and leads to a transformation plan and portfolio to inform your initiative priorities and project selection. Then, we use this knowledge to structure implementation from the foundational architecture to the functional and user-facing components.

Our Assets

We maintain a unique catalogue of best-of-breed, proven, reusable architectures and solution components called "Archifacts". Adapting and reusing them accelerates delivery, reduces costs and mitigates risks. If we do not have a set of Archifacts that addresses your requirements, we can create a custom solution for you and then help you monetize it through our Catalogue to recoup some or all of your investment.

Digital solutions knowlege management. It'll blow your mind.

Archemy has developed a complete set of knowledge management tools to help guide innovations and accelerate transformations.

Succeed early, succeed always! See for yourself.

Archemy got involved in the modernization of a Web site used to maintain a large collection of historical information and related collectiblesi (i.e., more than 10,000 web pages and 50,000 images). A pre-existing platform asset was quickly identiified and the new site is now deployed for use to a community that exceeds 7,000 collectors. Archifact™s in our catalogue come from a number of places. Some of them are all or part of COTS commercial solutions. Some of them are extracted from commercial custom software development projects. And, some originate in the ArchCellerator™, our managed innovation lab, which provides a proving ground for directed architecture and solution research and development.

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Archemy is working with a global community of archemists™ and has strong ties with labs in the academia.